Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't get carried away!

Don't get carried away!

Sheikh Anjum Husain
Even though a cross section of writers in Kashmir showed their optimism on a part of Indian Premier's speech at SKUAST's convocation, we have little reason to cheer and celebrate.
The revelation of proceeding with Pakistan on issues like trade, cooperation, porous border etc are ill-timed considering the happenings on ground here. Dr Singh's hints were seconded by India's foreign secretary Nirupama Rao as she gears up to visit and talk to her counterpart in Islamabad. The agenda for talks does include a range of issues but all these seem to be aimed at showing the world community that all is well between the two countries viz-a-viz the vexed issue of Kashmir. Or worse still this is to divert attention from the killings of innocent boys and violation of human rights.
New Delhi and our own government seem to be least concerned with how the Kashmiri people (mostly teenagers) are being treated by ham-handed army and police. What good does improving people to people contact across the border hold when people are treated worse than animals?
Little wonder that they are out to wipe out a generation of our's. India boasts of Kashmir being it's crown and inseparable part (atoot ang), but isn't it a sort of tragicomedy that the so-called crown is being beaten to smithereens every now and then by those who are meant to guard it? Kashmir has been kept in the boiling cauldron for over six decades over LoC and now they want to fuel the fire by giving us a porous border. Is that a solution? We must not get carried away!
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