Friday, June 18, 2010

This image speaks a lot about the human right's in this country. India might be fast on course to become an economic power to reckon with but the dignity and value of humans is skidding fast in the opposite direction. The security personnel have turned into 007s making full use of the 'license to kill'. And things don't stop there, they misbehave with the dead bodies as is evident from the image above. They would have done well to let the body of the woman lie where the bullet(s) hit her instead of carrying it in an inhuman way. Animal rights are more recognized than those of humans. One wonders what makes security personnel shed their human side; a weapon in hand and a camouflage uniform or the orders from the higher-ups? The matter is of grave concern this time as the dignity of Indian women is at stake. It would be of interest to see how rights activists in India and abroad take on this issue.

*(For Amnesty International's "DEMAND DIGNITY CAMPAIGN")

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