Sunday, April 24, 2011

Juvenile Justice in Kashmir

Juvenile Justice Act
The announcement by chief minister is a welcome step
Sheikh Anjum Husain
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah acknowledged the need to revamp the Juvenile Justice Act and bring it at par with that of India is a welcome move. The announcement will certainly serve as a breather for the young boys of the state as also for their families who often go through a painful ordeal.
They will be spared the agony of embarrassment in the society and the uncertainty of the future of their children. We hope the modified law will be drafted taking into account every aspect of this complex age. It's a layman's analysis that the turmoil over the years has had an indelible impact on every citizen of this state. The young and impressionable minds of the youth have been worst hit. Even the Army has admitted that the unfortunate happenings over the past few decades have rendered J&K a polarized region which needs fresh initiatives to usher in peace and harmony. Compassion, empathy, peace and harmony have no alternatives and to bring these things into currency in our state all the stakeholders of this vexed issue must delve deep into a common man's mind. What goes on in his/her mind when the fate of the state hangs in the balance even after over sixty years of no change on the ground level! Where does a common man see the future of his children in this region? He certainly doesn't want to die a brooding man leaving his kith and kin in the hands of 'uncertainty'.
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