Monday, April 18, 2011

Kashmir's youth and Inclusive development!

At a critical juncture
By: Anjum Husain
The youth of the state continue to be harassed through humiliating laws. Faizan Rafiq Hakeem is a case in point. He and his family had to bear the mental agony viz-a-viz his date of birth. It doesn't behove a mature society to put its younger lot through such a mental torture that could have far reaching consequences.
Owing to pressure from Amnesty International, which has even called on the authorities to modify juvenile justice system, Faizan was released. But the question is whether he is completely free now? Hasn't this incident scarred his psyche for long? His conscience will remained chained in what he had to go through at such a tender age. The incidents of this kind will certainly have impact on the general youth of the Kashmir who often see themselves at the receiving end. It's not always for politicians or bureaucrats to decide upon the laws which would keep our state in order. As the Dogra certificate issue has proved, politicians only look for and think of ways and means to 'divide and rule' people. How come we have an ordinance coming into effect which has not only no constitutional backing but which has created a vast schism between various communities of our state? Besides, the general masses so far have failed to get the crux of the matter. The government has not come clean as to what these certificates are aimed at. Neither has there been welcoming feedback from the very people whom the ordinance is supposed to benefit.
What is happening around the world especially in the Middle East has a lesson for us. At these crucial junctures, it holds no ground to push forth such policies as would alienate the general public. We would rather focus on inclusive development and prosperity of the state with selflessness and doing away with vested interests.

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