Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bahrain Unrest and Saudi intervention

While as Saudi troops sneaked into Bahrain through the causeway to this island nation,I wonder what is in store for Bahraini people in general who have taken to streets demanding political reform and it's majority shiite community in particular.It's for sure that the HUMAN RIGHTS in Bahrain will go for a toss. Saudi Arab's military intervention is going to wreak havoc on the poor people whose only fault is that they want to have the essential right of choosing their own leaders who govern their state.It's so dumbfounding that in the 21st century, when the world has come of age, some people still hold on to the archaic, cruel and brutal dictatorships and monarchies. Why should there be a privileged few who decide the fate of the majority of under-served people? Is it a divine right for some family to rule the world? It's a pity that while in case of Libya and Egypt the world did comparatively respond to those revolutions, people did take out solidarity marches and voiced their support for people who wanted/ want democracy to be the system in place. But in case of Bahrain, the world is yet to wake up and take note.
Now that Saudis are in Bahrain, beaming into TV cameras with victory signs. How could suppressing the voice of millions by calling in neighboring military and imposing 'state emergency' be termed as victory.
This is a call to all human rights defenders of the world to look into what people of Bahrain are going through. And they are not resorting to violent forms of protests, they are not armed, they don't pelt stones, they are not anti-king, they are not even (what cynical media would have u believe)entirely shiite protests. They go bare-chested before the king's men to shoot them. They are ready to sacrifice but they want their future generations to live a life of dignity. I have seen heart-wrenching photographs of mothers preparing their young sons for this 'sacrifice'.Have a look at the image attached herewith.
World, please take note!

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