Monday, February 14, 2011

Adding insult to injury!

Adding insult to injury
Dear Editor,
The Deoband VC's remarks on Gujarat massacre are certainly going to rub salt on the wounds of Muslims not only of that state who had to go through unnerving pain of loosing their loved ones but all those who felt their anguish and cried over the unfortunate event their own way.
The VC's words if not ill-intentioned are purely ill-thought out. He might have expected a healing touch through his remarks but he perhaps forgot that what he opined about were not scribbling on a blackboard which should be dusted off but real wounds on the hearts and minds of all human beings. Human beings I mean. If such a heinous crime is endorsed by such a reputed person and that too from the office of one of the highest seats of religious education in India then God help all the victims of injustice and suppression. Modi was not let in by western countries after learning about his 'credentials' and here we stand ready to forget one of the darkest chapters of modern Indian history. Forgiveness is certainly a divine trait but huge question and exclamation marks hover over the debate that the Deoband VC has stirred. What of the 'gravity' of the crime. Loot, rape, plunder, arson and murder of about 2000 innocents of minority community, weren't these crimes enough for the man in charge of the state to be tried in a court of law? The VC would have done well if he had called for an impartial inquiry into the incident in addition to his advice to Gujarat Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims had moved on themselves and were not crying hoarse over their fate that prompted him to give the uncalled for 'healing touch'.

Sheikh Anjum Husain
Sofipora, Pahalgam


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