Monday, February 14, 2011

Iceberg that is melting in River Nile!

Ice berg that is melting in the Nile

The popular revolt in Egypt against the authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak is exemplary in many ways. One can't help saluting the unity, courage, steadfastness and forbearance of Egyptian people. I wonder if the uprising is so intense against an Egyptian who ruled them for 30 years, what would be the case had it been a question of foreign occupation. Mubarak is presently being widely and frequently described in the world media, social and political circles as a rubber-stamp and puppet president who during the course of his dictatorial rule, cared more for the US and Israel than for his own countrymen. Most of the western countries especially the US and its allies who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on the pretext of democracy have ironically but not surprisingly maintained silence over the happenings in Egypt. This clearly speaks volumes about their double-standards. The entire Egypt taking to streets against Mubarak is in a way a democratic election or referendum whereby people wanted him out of power. Why doesn't the West support this democratic movement? What one gathers by the embattled president's holding on to power for many days after the protests broke out is the fear of 'where to go?'. Would his mentors (read the US and Israel), whose foreign policy has always been 'use and throw, be able to provide him a safe haven? Why the US and Israel wanted him to stay is that the ice-berg they built over the decades in the East and that's feeding the rivers of their interests is in danger. And Egypt could be just the tip of this ice-berg that seems to be melting in Nile.
Sheikh Anjum Husain
Sofipora Pahalgam


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