Monday, February 14, 2011

Unrest in Egypt!

Unrest in Egypt
Sheikh Anjum Husain
The popular uprising against the dictatorial and suppressive rule of embattled President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt is a good sign of people having come of age with regard to their political rights. The shout has found echo in other regional parts like Sudan, Tunisia, Ivory Coast etc.
The revolt must be taken as 'writing on the wall' by other kings, dictators and neo-imperialist governments which have thrust themselves on people against their will. According to the reports, people in Egypt have not been provoked by unemployment, inflation or other socioeconomic problems but it's primarily the lack of human dignity and rights that made them take to streets and call for removal of Mubarak. People can live on a meal a day instead of two but a life without basic human values is not acceptable to them. People of Kashmir too have been living sans any respect for their life. They have been fighting for their rights not 'jobs and economic packages' for over 60 years. Yet, even after so long with lives of thousands of innocents having been lost, peace still eludes this part of the globe due to sheer apathy of the governments that were and are in power today. The fate of a people can't be hung in the balance forever. PEACE is without any alternative or replacement. It must have its way and that too not tomorrow or the day after but NOW. The authorities must wake to the realities that are being witnessed around the world today. Let not myth, force, rigidity and suppression but truth, cooperation, harmony and friendship be the way to lasting peace in our part of the globe. May peace prevail in Egypt and people of the country have the government of their choice.
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